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Idly or Sambar Idly (2 pieces)$4.99

Steamed Rice and Lentil Patties

Medhu Vada or Sambar Vada (2 pieces)$4.99

Fried Lentil Donuts

Dahi Vada (2 pieces)$4.99

Fried Lentil Donuts dipped in Yogurt

Rasa Vada (2 pieces)$4.99

Fried Lentil Dounts dipped in Rasam

Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces)$4.99

2 pieces of Crispy & Flaky Crust Filled with Potatoes & Peas

Masala Vada (2 pieces)$4.99

Chana Dal Vada

Potato Bonda (2 pieces)$4.99

Batter Fried Potato Dumplings

Vegetable Cutlet (2 pieces)$4.99

Deep Fried Minced Vegetable Paies with Bread Crumbs

Mixed Vegetable Pakora$5.99

Potatoes, Cauliflower, Onions & Chilies Mixed with Chickpea flour & fried

Cut Chilli Pakora$5.99

Batter Fried Finger Peppers

Bhel Mix$5.99

Mix of puffed rice & lentil noodles

Special Upma$7.99

Cream of wheat Cooked with Fresh vegetables & Spices & Garnished with nuts

Gobi Manchurian (Dry)$10.99
Chilli Paneer$11.99
Assorted Appetizer Platter$9.99

Samosa,Cutlet,Vada,Potato Bonda & Pakora

Idly,Vada & Samosa$7.99

1 piece each

Kids Special Combo$7.99

Idly,Vada with small Dosa


Rasam Soup$3.99
Traditional South Indian Sour & spicy Soup
Sambar Soup$3.99
Lentil & Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup$3.99

Soup with Vegetables

Hot & Sour Soup$3.99
Mulligatawny Soup$3.99

Curry flavoured soup

Tomato Soup$3.99

Soup with Tomatoes


Served with Coconut Chutney & Sambar

Plain Dosa$7.99

Thin Rice Crepe

Butter Dosa$8.49

Thin Rice crepe cooked in Butter

Onion Dosa$8.49

Thin Rice Crepe with Onion Topping

Sada Mysore Dosa$8.49

Thin Rice Crepe with a Layer of Spicy Chutney

Sada Rava Dosa$8.99

Thin Rice Crepe made with Cream of Wheat & Rice Flour

Masala Dosa$8.99

Thin Rice Crepe Served with Potato & Onion Stuffing.

Butter Masala Dosa$9.49
Thin Rice crepe served with Potato & Onion stuffing cooked in butter.
Onion Masala Dosa$9.49

Thin Rice Crepe with Onion Topping, Served with Potato & Onion Stuffing

Mysore Masala Dosa$9.49

Thin Rice Crepe with a Layer of Spicy Chutney with Potato & Onion stuffing

Rava Dosa$9.49

Thin Rice Crepe made with cream of Wheat & Rice Flour, Served with Onion & Chilli Toppings

Paper Dosa$9.49

Thin Rice Crepe Rolled & Crispy

Rava Masala Dosa$9.99

Thin Rice Crepe made with Cream of Wheat & Rice Flour, Served with Onion & Chilli Toppings & Potato & Onion Stuffing

Andhra Special Dosa$9.99
Andhra Special Dosa

Thin Rice Crepe with Layer of spicy Chutney & Topped with Onions & Chillies

Cheese Dosa$9.99

Thin Rice Crepe stuffed with Home made Cheese, Peas, Tomato, Onion & Spices

Paper Masala Dosa$10.99
Paper Masala Dosa

Thin Rice Crepe Rolled & Crispy, Served with Potato & Onion stuffing

Special Spring Dosa$10.99

Thin Rice Crepe Stuffed with Vegetables & Spicy Chutney

Mysore Rava Masala Dosa$11.49

Thin Rice Crepe made with Cream of Wheat & Rice Flour with a Layer of Spicy Chutney with Potato & Onion stuffing

Palak Dosa$11.99
Thin Rice Crepe with a layer of spinach with Potato & Onion stuffing


Poori Bhaji$8.99

Potato & Onions Cooked with Spices

M.L.A. Pesarat$11.99

Lentil Pancake Cooked Hyderabad Style, Topped with Onions, Green Chillies & Ginger with Upma

Chana Batura$11.99

Large Fluffy Bread made with Refined Flour & Served with Chickpeas

Chana Poori$11.99

Large Fluffy Bread made with Wheat Flour & Served with Chickpeas

South Indian Thali$17.99
White Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Dal, Roti, Kootu, Porial, Yogurt, Pickle, Papped, Dessert, choice of Coffee or Tea
Dinner Combo$18.99
Choice of Idly or Vada with Sambar & Chutney, choice of Dosai or Uthappam with Sambar & Chutney, choice of Tea or Coffee & Dessert


Indian Style Pancakes

Plain Uthappam$8.49

Indian Style Pancake

Tomato & Peas Uthappam$9.49

Topped with Tomato & Peas

Onion & Peas Uthappam$9.49

Topped with Onion & Peas

Onion & Hot Chilli Uthappam$9.99

Topped with Onion & Hot Peppers

Vegetable Uthappam$9.99

Topped with Tomato, Peas, Carrot, Green Peppers & Onion

Shredded Coconut Uthappam$9.99

Topped with Shredded Coconut

Chef's Special Uthappam$10.49

Topped with Home made Cheese, Tomato & Peas



Assorted Fresh Vegetables Cooked in Coconut Sauce & Spices

Chana Masala$10.99

Chickpeas Simmered in Lightly Spiced Tomato Gravy with Ginger & Garlic

Aloo Gobi$10.99

Coocked with Potato,Cauliflower & Spcies

Baingan Bartha$10.99

Baked Eggplant Mashed with Tomato, Onion & Cooked with Spices

Special Vegetable Curry$10.99

Assorted Fresh Vegetables with Herbs & Spices

Vegetable Kurma$10.99

Garden fresh Vegetables Cooked with Spices & Coconut milk

Kadai Bhindi Curry$10.99

Lightly Spiced fresh Okra Sauteed with Spices & Onions

Palak Paneer$10.99

Spinach & Cheese Cubes Cooked in Tomato, Onion & Spices

Mutter Paneer$10.99

Cheese Cubes Cooked with Green Peas & Spices

Dal Makhani$10.99

Lentils Cooked with Tomato, Onion & Fresh Cream

Navaratan Kurma$10.99

Fresh Vegetables Cooked in a Creamy Sauce

Malai Koftha$10.99
Soft Cheese & Vegetable Croquettes simmered in a mild creamy sauce
Gutthi Vankaay$10.99

Hyderabad Special - Deep fried Eggplants with Herbs & Spices

Paneer Burgi$11.99
Paneer Tikka Masala$11.99

Cheese cubes cooked with Spices

Bhindi Fry$11.99

Hyderabad Special - Deep fried Okra with Herbs & Spices

Gobi Manchurian (Gravy)$11.99
Paneer Makhani$11.99

Cheese cubes simmered in a creamy,tomato sauce

Thadka Dall$10.99

Lentils coocked with Spices


House Salad$3.99
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Carrot & Lemon
Plain Rice$1.99

Steamed White Rice

Raitha (Pachadi)$1.49

Yogurt with carrot, Cucumber & Tomato


Fried and dried lentil chip 2 pieces


South Indian Vegetable Biryani$9.99

Rice cooked with exotic Spices, Stir fried Vegetables

Vegetable Fried Rice$9.99
Bisi Bele Bhath$9.99

Rice coocked with Lentils & Vegetables

Jeera Rice (Cumin)$9.99

Rice cooked with Cumin & Spices

Coconut Rice$9.99

Rice Cooked with Coconut & Spices

Tamarind Rice$9.99

Rice Cooked with Tamarind & Spices

Tomato Rice$9.99

Rice cooked with Tomotoes & Spices

Lemon Rice$9.99

Rice cooked with Lemon Juice & Spices

Bagala Bath$8.99

Yogurt Rice Garnished with Mustard Seeds & Mild spices


Rice cooked with Lentils and black Pepper


Deep fried fluffy Whole Wheat bread (2 pieces)
Layered Wheat bread
Thin soft Wheat bread (2 pieces)
Aloo Paratha$3.99
Aloo ParathaLayered Wheat bread stuffed with potatoes & spices
Large Fluffy bread made from refined flour


Cheese Balls Soaked in Condensed milk with Rose water & Garnished with Pistachio nuts
Gulab Jamun$3.99
Dry milk & Cheese Balls Fried & Soaked in Sugar Syrup
Madras Special Payasam$3.99
Fine vermicelli cooked in Milk & Sugar, garnished with nuts
Carrot Halwa$3.99
Ground Carrots cooked in Buer & Sugar with Honey
Badam Halwa$4.49
Ground Almonds Cooked in Butter & Sugar
Carrot or Badam Halwa with Ice Cream$5.99
Ice Cream$3.99
Vanilla, Mango, Rose or Pistachio


South Indian Coffee$2.99
South Indian Tea$2.49
Freshly brewed tea with milk
Mango Juice$2.99
Mango Lassi or Milkshake$3.49
Salt Lassi or Sweet Lassi$2.99
Fresh Fruit Juices$4.49

Selection may vary

Badam Milkshake$4.99

Milkshake with pureed almonds