Palak Paneer

Paneer (Homemade cottage cheese) cooked in a tomato and grounded spinach based curry sauce.

Paneer Makhani

Paneer(Homemade cottage cheese) cubes cooked in Makhani (creamy sauce made with authentic Indian spices and flavored with cream).

Kadai Paneer

Paneer cubes deep fried in Kadai(cast iron Indian wok and then cooked along with green pepper and onions in rich creamy and spicy tomato based sauce. 

Mutter Paneer

Paneer and Mutter (Peas) cooked in creamy tomato and onion based curry sauce.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer cubes are simmered lightly with a rich buttery onion-tomato sauce and spices, flavored with pleasantly bitter dry fenugreek leaves and further enriched with cashew nut paste. 

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