AJP Fried Chicken Half

Deep fried chicken on the bone(About 5-6 Pieces)

AJP Fried Chicken Full

Deep fried chicken on the bone (About 6-8 Pieces)

Chicken 65

Cubes of thigh meat marinated with the 65 masala

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken wings marinated with special herbs and celery

Fish 65
Cubes of tilapia filet marinated with spicy 65 masala
Nethili Fish Fry

Anchovy fish marinated with spices and lemon

Prawn 65
Medium size tail-on shrimp marinated with 65 masala and deep fried
Golden Fried Prawn
Shrimp marinated with ginger garlic paste dipped in chickpea flour
Golden Pomfret Fry
Golden pompano or pomfret whole fish marinated with spices and shallow fried

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